An unorthodox juxtaposition of the seriousness of European traditions and their modern branches, popular rhythms derived from dance and jazz and an East Asian awareness for timbre and melody make up the main influences of my compositions. Here a selection:

Funk Shui

Duo for Chinese Lute and Guitar

This intricate piece merges Chinese awareness for timbre and melody with the rhythmic precision of funk.In that juxtaposition it is singular and a much desired addition to the repertoire. The music showcases the full capabilities of the instruments and their players. In an entertaining way it adds a new perspective on how the Chinese and Western elements can be combined successfully.


Electric Music for the Manhattan Bridge

Raw electonic piece “Aggregate” for a projection showcase by dandelion & burdock at the New York festival of lights.


For Soprano, Trumpet, Contrabass Trombone, Guitar, Accordeon, Piano and Drums

This ensemblepiece sheds new light on some well-known Chinese music by using Western styles. I wrote about the multiple layers in this work in my blog.


Film Production Music

Music to a videocompilation by Andreas Giesecke


For 4 Flutes, 2 Pianos, Vibraphone and Drums

Live footage of the event "Étude d'Échange" that combined music for ensemble with live motion graphics.

Who Sent Me Cookies?

For Glockenspiel, Piano, Violoncello and French Horn

Music for an imagefilm by dandelion & burdock.

Xiamen Symphony


Collage of sounds of the legendary Chinese treaty port Xiamen. I nostalgically reminsce about my two years there in my new blog entry.


For Two Violins

Highly contrapunctual yet very introverted piece of epic dimensions, that demands perfect intonation and techinque from it's performers.