Concert for the Most Influential Keyboard Instruments

Harpsichord, accordeon, historic fortepiano and the modern grand piano are probably the most popular keyboard instruments. For me there are hardly other instruments that represent my musical heritage in such a condensed form. As Grigory Sokolov once said: "a sea of masterpieces" already exists for these instruments, still within me the urge has grown to face this prodigious peak. So I am currently composing for each instrument a special piece to be performed in one concert:

"Gesche von Paspea", a simple, yet charming fantasy for grand piano .

"Les Adiex", a piano trio combining the best of both worlds of Jazz and Classic.

"Wingless Flight", a sonata brillante for fortepiano.

"Silver Bird", a duo for harpsichord and accordeon endulging in the Chinese ancestry of the accordeon.

And finally a yet unnamed ensemble piece merging the wonderful sounds of all these instruments together. The above snippet is from another, larger ensemble piece of mine already hinting at a central idea of that work: cascades and lines...